The EB Method

The seven principles of self-discovery.

There’s a continuing connection among all the programs at the Burton Leadership Center. Here’s a look at the principles that power everything we do.

1. Engagement – Learning requires doing – hands-on, up-close, conversation-starting action.

2. Change – See the world differently and reevaluate your approach to making that world your home.

3. Perspective – Enhance awareness of your strengths, weaknesses and values.

4. Individuality – The Burton Leadership Center is not a one-size-fits-all format – it’s a customized experience to match personal preferences and meet personal needs.

5. Equality – Faculty and students are on the same team and the same playing field for a more productive partnership.

6. Community – Your colleagues are your trusted confidantes.

7. Fun – This is not a classroom – it’s a choose-your-own adventure platform.