A Personalized Leadership Assessment

This special validated assessment can generate over 2,100 unique reports. Each participant receives a 18-page report on themselves with detailed insight into how a Leader handles pace, procedure, people, and problems.

Useful for:

Leadership Acceleration • Project Management • Management Development • Team Building • Selection • Coaching • Training • Mentoring • Career Pathing

The personalized 18-page report includes the following areas:

  • Notable Personal Attributes: An overview of how a person prefers to operate in a work environment
  • Instinctive and Modified Approach to Business: Helps identify whether a person's instinctive or modified approach is appropriate for the present work environment
  • Potential Strengths in Business: Highlights a person's behavioraltraits and aptitudes relating to the work environment.
  • Projected Job Behavior: Reports on the behavioral adjustments a person feels he/she must make to be successful in the job
  • Preferred Work Environment: Outlines the work environment aperson is most comfortable andproductive
  • Personal Growth Suggestions: Presents behavioral tendencies that may slow or hinder a person's performance
  • Word Portrait: Describes how the person works with problems, people, pace and procedures
  • Communication Builders: Suggestions to improvecommunication, reinforce relationships, promote credibility and gain increased productivity
  • Personal Performance Motivators: Indicates the behavioral motivational needs of a person for top performance
  • Communication Barriers: Highlights what others do, say or use that can hamper communication, relationships and productivity
  • Performance Enhancement: Suggests behavioral needs and wants that will allow the person to perform at his/her best

Price: $199.00