Discover the power of leading together.

The Erick Burton approach to leadership coaching is more than empowering one person to lead – it’s an approach that relies on empowering everyone to work together to move in a positive direction. It’s called co-creating, and it’s paved the way forward for countless organizations. With a collective leadership mentality, your organization can file a flight plan that will leave the status quo on the ground – for good.

Explore the solutions below to discover how a co-creative mindset can make a difference in your organization.


Forget “presentations.” Erick Burton’s keynotes are inspirational events that will awaken a new sense of purpose for the members of your organization.


You know where you want to go – it’s getting there that can be challenging. Overcome those hurdles with the “Meeting Chauffeur.”

Executive Coaching

Even senior professionals need direction. Fuel success with high-level ideas for your high-level people.

Leadership Retreats

Get away and give yourself the tools you need to inspire your team members at the Burton Leadership Center.

Experiential Journeys

Building a team doesn’t happen in a classroom. Get out from behind a screen for an adventure that keeps everyone engaged.

Organizational Consulting and Training

See your organization through a new lens – one that will bring the way forward into focus.